"Opeongo Heritage Cup Hockey Tournament


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The history of the Kashub people in Canada started in the year 1858 when the first Kashubian pioneers came to Canada for a better life. They came from the Nation of Kaszebe which at the time was under Prussian rule and governed by the German Nation.

The Kashubs came to the Madawaska & Bonnechere Valleys with their native Kashubian language and their Kashubian traditions. You can still hear fifth and sixth generation Kashubs speaking the Kashubian language in Wilno, Barry’s Bay, Combermere, Round Lake, Hopefield and Halfway. The Kashub National Flag is a black strip on top and a yellow strip on the bottom. Their national emblem is the black griffin. The Cultural colours of the Nation of Kaszebe is Yellow and Black.

For more information on the Kashubian culture in Canada please go to www.kashub.com

Around 1860 a small immigration of Polish settlers came to the Valley from the Polish Nation. The Kashubs and Polish share many similarities because of their Slavic connection. Today, in Europe, the Kashubian Nation of Kaszebe is now part of Poland which makes them very close friends.

Donald Tusk, who is a proud Kashub, was the first Kashubian to be elected as a world leader as the Prime Minister of Poland. Senator Kazimierz Kleina represents the Kashubian people in Kaszebe and both the Prime Minister and the Senators have been made life time honorary Captains of the Kashubian Griffins. In May of 2012, Prime Minister Tusk was presented with an autographed hockey stick from the Kashubian Griffins Hockey Club. Commissioner Johnny Kashub had the privilege of snorting Kashubian tobacka with the Prime Minister. A Kashubian tradition since the early 1200’s!

The descendants of the Kashubian and Polish Nations who originally came to Canada back in the mid 1800’s play for the Kashubian Griffins in the Heritage Cup.


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The tournament represents more than hockey, it also represents the Canadian way of life!